Double-color Heat Shrink Sleeve

Double-color heat shrink sleeve, as a heat shrink tubing with two colors.

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Double-color heat shrink sleeve

Double-color heat shrink sleeve, as a heat shrink tubing with two colors. in fact, in terms of material, there is no different from ordinary heat shrink tubing. The same choice is for high-quality raw materials, only for the heat shrink tubing has both yellow and green two colors


Can meet customer needs for color;

A variety of specifications, ranging from 3mm to 150mm;

 Suitable for low voltage environments

The application range of the double-color heat shrink sleeve has a significant difference compared with the ordinary single-color heat shrink tubing. The double-color heat shrink sleeve can be used for marking. Although we said double-color heat shrink sleeve, it is mainly yellow. As a supplement, yellow is more vivid, so some customers will use the double-color heat shrink tubing as a warning.

Double-color heat shrink sleeve

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