Heat Insulation Sleeve

Heat Insulation sleeve, the name is a general term.

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Heat Insulation sleeve

Heat Insulation sleeve, the name is a general term, can be said to be the heat shrinkable cable terminal used in conjunction with the insulation sleeve, in terms of roots, it can also be said that the ordinary heat shrink tubing, in units of rolls.


1) Belongs to the heat shrinkable series;

2) Available in a variety of different product specifications;

3) Can adapt to the needs of different industries.

Heat Insulation sleeve

As mentioned above, there are two types of heat Insulation sleeve, one is used in conjunction with the cable terminal to form a complete product terminal, and the power supply cable department is used; the other is a conventional heat shrink tubing. The scope of application is relatively wide, including industrial equipment, power sector, daily life, etc. can be used.

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Suzhou Feibo, as a professional manufacturer of cold and heat shrinkable products in Suzhou. We have always adhered to the business philosophy of "customer-centered", combining production and sales with customer practice, accumulating experience invisibly, and integrating customers with production. The unique advantages of Feibo's products are used in sales, so that customers can feel the products they purchased are worth the money.

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