1kv Heat Shrink Terminals For Cable

1kv heat shrink terminals for cable have many specifications from one to five cores

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1kv heat shrink terminals for cable

-1kv heat shrink terminals for cable have many specifications from one to five cores, customers can choose the 1kv heat shrink terminals according to their own need. Generally speaking, 1kv heat shrink terminals for cable, It is used more in power cables, and for our products, customers can use them with confidence, the production is strictly controlled, and it is worth buying.


1.Widely welcomed by the market and customers. 
2.Good adaptability to the surrounding environment.
3.Corrosion resistant and unlimited shelf life. 
4.Company with strong strength and has passed many inspections.
5.with good shrinkage and use effect.

1kv heat shrink terminals for cable

Company Introduction:  
Suzhou Feibo Heat and Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd., Since its establishment, 10 years have passed. Under the correct leadership of the company's leaders, we are developing better and better. More and more people come to know Suzhou Feibo, and the brand effect is gradually forming. It is also the goal we have been pursuing all the time. For the future of Suzhou Feibo, we have planned its development direction and wait to be realized.

Suzhou Feibo has always placed the needs of its customers first. We hope that every one of our customers can be satisfied. After several years of accumulation, we have a fixed sales customer, maintain a good cooperative relationship and achieve a win-win situation.

We are a professional manufacturer with rich production experience. If there is a need for heat and cold shrinkable products, Suzhou Feibo is a good choice for you.

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