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heat shrink tape anti-corrosion layer to meet the requirements
- Aug 13, 2018 -

The anti-corrosion layer of the heat shrink tape is an important part of the anti-corrosion tape, so that it can exert its anti-corrosion effect. What requirements does the anti-corrosion layer meet? Specifically, there are three requirements that need to be met:

1. Thickness: The thickness can increase the anti-corrosion ability. When the heat shrinkable band structure and type are determined, the total thickness of the anti-corrosion layer can be determined.

2, adhesion: This item refers to the peel strength of the tape, which is directly related to the quality of the heat shrinkable coating. The penetration of water is related to the bond between the tape and the pipe, so it should be ensured that the pipe has sufficient adhesion.

3. Appearance: The surface of the anti-corrosion layer should be flat, evenly overlapped, no wrinkles, no permanent bubbles, no damage. It should be noted that if the weather is hot, there will be bubbles generated when the heat shrink tape is entangled, and it can be absorbed by itself. Because the tape itself has certain elasticity and self-repairing ability, this situation should not be regarded as a quality problem.

The thickness, appearance, and adhesion of the anti-corrosion layer of the heat shrink tape are all required to meet certain requirements, so that the tape has a certain anti-corrosion function, and it is also beneficial for its maintenance.