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heat shrink tape construction process
- Aug 13, 2018 -

heat shrink tapes have certain skills and places of attention and specifications in the construction process. In order to improve efficiency and reduce construction damage, some construction specifications need to be observed, as follows:

The first point is: the anti-corrosion layer of the heat-shrinkable belt should be at a temperature of more than three degrees during construction. If there is wind and sand weather during construction, there is no reliable measure to construct.

Second, when storing the heat shrink tape, the main thing is that the anti-corrosion layer of the tape cannot be damaged. If the tape type is relatively large, it should be stored separately.

Then, when the repair process is carried out, the damaged part should be trimmed and cleaned, and the loose portion of the heat-shrinkable anti-corrosion layer should be removed first and kept dry.

The heat shrink tape construction process is as above, the operation is to be standardized, and it is hoped that the heat shrink tape construction personnel must pay attention to it, because this is only beneficial to the product, which not only improves its construction efficiency, but also reduces the cost expenditure and increases the cost. Economic benefits and longevity.

The heat shrink sleeve is the abbreviation of the anti-corrosion heat shrink sleeve. Before the steel tube is welded, it must be placed in front of the welded joint of the steel pipe. After the weld is welded, it is then pulled back to the welded joint for baking. Otherwise, it cannot be put in after welding. One of the obvious differences from the heat shrinkable mouth band.

The shrinkage ratio of the heat shrinkable sleeve and the heat shrinkable sleeve are different, and the heat shrinkable sleeve is a cylindrical integrated type, and the safety factor is higher and the effect is better.

Disadvantages: If the protection is improper, it is easy to be polluted by dust and dust on the site. If it is not installed for a long time, it is not easy to take out, and it is easy to suffer unnecessary damage and property damage.

Advantages: The construction operation is simple and convenient, even if the construction is new.