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How to apply heat shrink sleeve
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Today, Xiaobian summarizes how to apply the heat shrink sleeve. I hope that through the following summary, I can help all relevant people and friends who are interested in the company's products. The company is constantly updating every day, constantly improving its products. Once the products developed by the company appear, they will be introduced to you at the first time. Welcome everyone to visit the company!

The heat-shrinkable tube is also called a heat-shrinkable sleeve, and usually the three main processes of extruding, irradiating, and expanding the polyolefin to form a shrinkable tube.

There are various types of heat shrinkable tubing, and the heat shrinkable tubing has a diameter ranging from 1mm to 450mm.

Mainly used in electric power, electronics, military and other types of insulation waterproof protection.

There are also several types of heat-shrinkable tubes, mainly polyolefin, PVC, and rubber. The company produces polyethylene heat-shrinkable tubes, which are also the most widely used heat-shrinkable tubes.

Heat-shrink tubing Large-diameter products are usually used in high-voltage power engineering. Typical products are: busbar heat-shrinkable tube, middle-wall sheathed tube, heat-shrinkable sheathed tube, insulated tube, outdoor tube, semi-conductive double-wall heat-shrinkable tube , snap-in insulated jacket tube, locomotive snow cover, railway heat shrinkable tube, etc.

These products are characterized by large caliber, wall thickness, and pressure resistance generally above 1KV and above, but not more than 35KV. The color type is relatively single, mainly black, red, yellow, green and blue are also common.

The shrinkage factor is generally 2:1 or 3;1. Generally, high-pressure heat-shrinkable tube products need to pass the test of Wugao.

With the reform of urban and rural China and the rapid development of the market economy, in the process of urban construction and development, the application requirements for distribution networks and network cables are getting higher and higher.

From the previous power cable, the development includes the current fiber-optic cable, coaxial cable and high-temperature cable, etc., and the application protection level is gradually widened, and it is applied to various heat-shrinkable tubes, waterproof sealing tapes and self-adhesive tapes.

Cables are usually made up of several or several sets of wires, and the wires are insulated from each other. The heat-shrinkable tubes often play a huge role.