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Tell you the difference between the heat shrink sleeve and the heat shrink tape
- Aug 13, 2018 -

First, the heat shrink sleeve and the heat shrink tape have the same:

1. Main use: The heat shrink sleeve and the heat shrink tape are all anti-corrosion materials used for pipeline anti-corrosion repair. The functions are the same and can be replaced by each other.

2. Production of raw materials: The raw materials used are the same.

3, performance: product performance is almost the same.

4, applicable standards: are "buried steel pipeline polyethylene anti-corrosion layer technical standards" SY/T0413-2002, and national standard GBT23257-2009

Second, the difference between the heat shrink sleeve and the heat shrink tape:

1. Product shape: The heat shrink sleeve is tubular, commonly known as dead sleeve, patch sleeve, heat shrink sleeve. The heat shrink tape is a sheet, commonly known as a looper, a mouthband, a heat shrink tape, and a heat shrink tape in addition to the main body of the sheet and a matching fixing piece and a rubber strip.

2, the production process: due to the different shape of the product, the manufacturing process used is also different. First, in the extrusion stage, the heat shrink tape is extruded into a tube, and the heat shrink tape is a sheet; secondly, the heat shrinkable sleeve needs to be expanded one by one into a finished product by a dilator, and the heat shrink tape is in an extrusion stage. Synchronous stretching; again, the heat shrinkable sleeve is semi-machined and hand-coated with glue. The small size is hand-applied, and the heat-shrinkable tape is fully mechanically coated with the entire machine. Finally, the heat-shrinkable sleeve is glued and finished. After that, the printing can be packaged into the warehouse, and the heat shrink tape needs to be cut according to the specifications, and the fixing piece and the rubber strip are provided for the whole packaging and then into the warehouse.

3. Usage: The heat shrinkable sleeve can only be put on the pipe before the pipe is welded, heat-shrinking construction, and when the heat shrink tape is used, it is not restricted. At the same time, due to the difference in shape of the two products, the heat shrinking construction operation steps and precautions are also somewhat different.

4. Price difference: Due to different production processes, small-size heat-shrinkable sleeves are cheaper than heat-shrinkable belts, which is attributed to the flexibility of manual operation of heat-shrink sleeves; medium-sized tubes use heat-shrink sleeves and heat-shrinkable belts at similar prices. The heat shrinkable sleeve of the specification is more expensive than the heat shrink tape, showing the advantage of full mechanized production of the heat shrink tape.

The heat shrinkable mouth band is also used as an open type heat shrinkable sleeve after the tube is welded. The heat shrinkable sleeve is a closed heat shrinkable sleeve which is also set before the tube is welded.

By contrast, their differences are clearly visible and you can choose the right product for your needs.