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Why preheat the heat shrink tape?
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Since the construction project requires a large amount of building materials, it is listed on the pipe, and then it is protected by other pipes rolled up by the heat shrink tape, which will be preheated before use. Why?

1. Pre-heating to remove the moisture on the surface, the anti-corrosion effect is that the epoxy primer can play better and does not generate bubbles, so the epoxy primer will not easily with the heat shrink tape, and the primer can make the heat shrinkage can give The surface of the steel pipe brings more bonding and better sealing protection.

2. heat shrink tape filling preheating can be heated by flame or preheated by induction heater. Use a medium-intensity flame or induction heater, or medium to a strong flame heater or induction heater.

For the preheating of the heat shrink tape, the main purpose is to remove the moisture, make the adhesive of the tape and the pipe material longer, enhance the sealing performance, and improve the anticorrosive ability of the tape, and is also a common method for prolonging the service life of the tape.

The heat shrinking belt was applied to the long-distance transportation of oil and gas industry in the mid-to-late 1990s. The anti-corrosion of oil and natural gas steel pipe joints was applied to the anti-corrosion of long-distance oil and natural gas steel pipe joints at the beginning of the century, and the anti-corrosion of urban gas pipe network joints and heat supply. Steel pipe joint anti-corrosion, water pipe joint anti-corrosion and other fields. This section is from the anti-corrosion significance of steel pipes. Corrosion of oil and gas steel pipes, oil heat transfer, heat pipe shrinkage for gas pipelines, heat shrinkage for oil and gas pipelines, heat shrinkage for anti-corrosion, oil and gas industry The application prospects in five aspects describe the application of heat shrink tape in steel pipe anticorrosion.