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35kv Cable Accessories
- Feb 04, 2019 -

35kv cable accessories can be divided into 35kv cable accessories cold shrink products and heat shrink products. Next, I will carefully talk about the difference between the two.


The 35kv cable accessories cold shrink products are made of silicone rubber through a series of production processes. Because the cold shrink products have strong flexibility, they can be installed without an open flame, it only needs to gently extract the white plastic support strip in the tube to complete the installation. The 35kv cable accessories cold shrink products are easy to install and safer in some flammable and explosive areas such as mines, petroleum and chemical plants. And cold shrink products have stable performance. Of course, it is precisely because of these advantages of 35kv cable accessories cold shrink products that cold shrink cable accessories are so expensive.


Next we talk about 35kv cable accessories heat shrink products. The above mentioned cold shrink cable accessories are so excellent, but there are also many customers will choose heat shrink cable accessories, because the price of heat shrink cable accessories is much more favorable than cold cable accessories. Therefore, if the installation requirements are not high, people will often choose heat shrink cable accessories. 35kv cable accessories heat shrink cable accessories require an open fire to heat shrink and wrap tightly on a quilt during operation. In construction, it is necessary to bake evenly, not in the same place for too long, so as not to cause product burst or damage due to excessive baking time.


That's all about the 35kv cable accessories. In fact, whether it is cold shrink products or heat shrink products, as long as it is suitable for their own products are good! 

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