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Advantages Of 10-35kv Cold Shrinkable Cable Terminal
- Feb 08, 2019 -

Last time I talked about the production method of 10-35kv cold shrinkable cable terminal, now we are going to introduce the advantages of 10-35kv cold shrinkable cable terminal.

First, the structure of 10-35kv cold shrinkable cable terminal is simple, silicone rubber material, this material has "elastic memory", it is spread with a support strip, and then fit into the core to fix.

Second, cold shrinkable cable terminal has excellent insulation performance, high recovery elastic performance, resistance to electric marks and corrosion resistance, and also has excellent electrical properties, long service life, and the same breathing characteristics as the cable. The electrical breakdown occurs due to the respiration of the cable during operation, thereby ensuring the reliability of the internal insulation and making the operation safer.

Third, cold shrinkable cable terminal has good sealing performance and adopts the form of integral sealing to prevent and avoid the operation accident caused by the atmospheric environment.

Forth, easy to install, no special tools, no need to fire, no electricity, safe and reliable, simple and convenient, save time and effort. Especially suitable for high-altitude, flammable and explosive environment construction, which greatly reduces the weight or safety accidents caused by improper operation.

Last but not least, 10-35kv cold shrinkable cable terminal is especially suitable for high altitude, salt spray and heavy pollution areas, because it has excellent anti-fouling, aging resistance, excellent heat and cold resistance features.

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