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Advantages Of Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessories
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Advantages of cold-shrinkable cable accessories Cold-shrinkable cable accessories are made by using elastomeric materials (commonly available with silicone rubber and ethylene-propylene rubber) for injection molding in the factory, followed by expansion and lining with plastic spiral supports to form various cable accessories. Parts. For on-site installation, these pre-expanded parts are placed at the end or joint of the treated cable, and the plastic spiral strips (supports) supported by the inner body are taken out and pressed against the cable insulation to form a cable attachment. Because it is elastic retractive force at normal temperature, rather than heat shrinkable cable accessories like heat shrinkage, it is commonly known as cold shrinkable cable accessories. The early cold-shrink cable terminations were only insulated with silicone rubber shrink-wrapped components, and the electric field treatment still used stress cone or stress-wrap.

Cold shrinkage stress control tubes are now commonly used with voltage ratings from 10kV to 35kV. Cold shrink cable joints, 1kV grade with cold shrinkable insulation tube for reinforced insulation, 10kV grade with joint cold shrink insulation with inner and outer semi-conductive shield. The cold-shrink branch sleeve is used at the fork of the three-core cable terminal.

The cold-shrinkable cable accessory has the advantages of small size, convenient operation, rapidity, no special tools, wide application range and few product specifications.

Compared with heat-shrinkable cable accessories, it does not need to be heated by fire, and it is not possible to move or bend after installation without the risk of disengagement between the inner layers of the accessories (because the cold-shrinkable cable accessories are elastically pressed). Tight). Compared with the prefabricated cable accessories, although the elastic pressing force is used to ensure the internal interface characteristics, it does not correspond to the cable cross section like the prefabricated cable accessories, and has many specifications.

It must be pointed out that the components of the prefabricated cable attachment are tension-free before being installed on the cable, and the cold-shrinkable cable attachment is under high tension, so it must be ensured that during the storage period, the cold-shrinkable part should not be There is obvious permanent deformation or elastic stress relaxation, otherwise it will not guarantee sufficient elastic pressing force after being installed on the cable, so that good interface characteristics cannot be guaranteed.