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Application Of Heat Shrink Sleeve On Circuit Board
- Aug 13, 2018 -

The main function of heat shrink sleeve is electrical insulation of joints, anti-rust and anti-corrosion of solder joints, mechanical protection and harness protection, etc. It is widely used in electronics, communication, machinery and automobile manufacturing. Today, Xiaobian introduces heat shrink tubing to everyone. Application on the circuit board.

The familiar circuit board consists of a number of card slots, plug-ins, chips, etc., which are wrapped with wire harnesses. There are generally solder joints between the wire harness and the card slot, as well as branching forks. This requires the use of heat-shrink tubing to protect the solder joints. .

The main functions of heat shrink tubing on the circuit board are as follows:

1. The sealing of the solder joint is rustproof; the heat shrinkable tube can effectively reduce the oxidation and corrosion of the solder joint;

2. Insulation and short circuit protection; heat shrinkable tube can effectively prevent short circuit of electric board caused by foreign matter overlapping;

3. Protection at the branch of the wire harness; in the circuit board, a large wire harness is divided into several small wire harnesses at the interface, and the heat-shrinkable tube can effectively protect the branch of the wire harness, and the fixed branching port is not Then spread due to external factors;

4. Extend the service life of the electric board; the temperature of the circuit board such as the computer main board and the large machine main board is high, the heat shrinkable tube can effectively reduce the aging speed of the wire harness, protect the wire harness from dust, and prolong the service life of the electric board;

5. Marking function; heat-shrinkable tube after printing and using heat-shrinkable tubes of different colors, can be used to mark the use of the wire harness, convenient identification and post-maintenance;