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Cold Shrinkable Terminal
- Dec 28, 2018 -

Cold shrinkable terminal

Cold shrinkable terminal, one of cold shrink cable accessories. According to the different materials, terminals can be divided into two types: heat shrinkable terminal and cold shrinkable terminal. Today we mainly talk about cold shrinkable terminal.

In the previous introduction, we did not introduce much about cold shrinkable terminal, but actually it has a certain similarity with heat shrinkable terminal. If you know the heat shrinkable terminals, it is easier to understand the cold shrinkable terminal. It has been selected and compared with the quality raw material manufacturers in order to let customers feel satisfied with products. Cold shrinkable terminal is made of silicone rubber, soft and flexible. There are many manufacturers in the market, and we need to carefully select, which is not only responsible for the customer, but also responsible for ourselves.

According to the different voltage levels, cold shrinkable terminal can be divided into high-voltage and low-voltage, low-voltage cold shrinkable terminal, we can choose for colorful one and all-grey one. There is no other difference except color. Our colorful low-voltage cold shrinkable terminal, which is our special product, commonly in the market is basically gray, our colorful cold shrinkable terminal will easily attract customers' attention, which will leave a deep impression. Of course, this is just our recommendation, customers still need to choose according to their actual situation. high-voltage cold shrinkable terminal is gray.

When it comes to cold shrinkable terminal, you have to talk about the cold shrinkable insulation tubes. Regardless of whether it is the low-pressure or high-pressure cold shrinkable terminal, the number of cores of the cold shrinkable terminal is determined according to the cable, and the number of insulation tube is equivalent to the number of cable cores. Cold shrinkable insulation tube, for the length of cold shrinkable insulation tube, we are longer than the average length of the market, in order to be more convenient when customers use.

Will, Suzhou Feibo, sincerely hoping to cooperate with each customer to achieve a mutually beneficial and win-win situation.