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Color Heat Shrinkable Sleeve
- Dec 26, 2018 -

Today, Xiaobian is going to talk to you about the color heat shrinkable sleeve. The color heat shrinkable sleeveis also our common color heat shrinkable tube. The regular colors are red, green, yellow, blue, black and white. In addition, there are Yellow-green two-color heat shrinkable sleeve.


These heat shrinkable sleeves are collectively referred to as color heat shrinkable sleeves, all of which share a common feature, that is, they shrink when heated, and their specifications are first distinguished according to the voltage level, and then according to the inside of the heat shrinkable tube. Hole diameter to distinguish the specifications.


First of all, according to the voltage, they can be divided into three types: 1 KV, 10 KV and 35 KV. The color heat shrinkable sleeve of 1 KV is the most complete, red, green, yellow, blue, black, white and yellow. Green two-tone, these 1 KV heat shrinkable sleeves are available. But 10 KV and 35 KV are different. The two voltage grade heat shrinkable sleeves are only available in red, green and yellow colors.


In addition to the difference in color, I believe that you can see from the surface at the pressure level. One thing to note is that the heat shrinkable sleeve with a higher pressure rating can be used for the quilt with lower pressure rating. A heat shrinkable sleeve above the object, but with a low pressure rating, cannot be used on a quilt cover with a higher pressure rating.


There is also a difference in the size of their diameters, different diameters of the color heat shrinkable sleeves, the number of meters in a roll package is also different, the diameter of 3mm and the diameter of 4mm are 400 meters a disk; diameter 5mm and diameter 6mm is a plate of 200 meters; a diameter of 7mm to a diameter of 22mm are 100 meters, and if the diameter is larger, it is 25 meters. Of course, these are all 1 KV package specifications. The 10 KV color heat shrinkable sleeves are all 25 meters, and the 35 KV are all 20 meters.


Of course, these are all conventional. If some customers need special color and special specifications of color heat shrinkable sleeves, we can also provide customized services, or have special packaging requirements, we can also give Wrap the disc as required.