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Copper Row Heat Shrinkable Tube
- Jan 16, 2019 -

Today, Xiaobian came to tell you about the copper row heat shrinkable tube. In fact, it works like the ordinary heat-shrinkable tube by heating and shrinking, and then covering the copper-plated row to protect it.

But before we say its role, we still have to first understand how the specifications of copper-plated heat-shrinkable tubes are divided. Xiaobian has also encountered some customers who purchase copper-plated heat-shrinkable tubes. They don’t know how much they need to purchase. Specifications of heat shrink tubing,In particular, our specifications for the heat shrinkable tubes of Suzhou Feibo are distinguished by diameter, and the copper bars are generally flat, which are distinguished by length and width, so when we know the specifications of the copper bars, The approximate diameter of the required copper row heat shrinkable tubeneeds to be converted. The method of conversion is the sum of the length and width of the copper row and multiplied by two and divided by three to four.

This way, you can easily convert the approximate diameter of the heat shrink tubing you need! Then, according to the diameter of the converted diameter, the copper row heat shrinkable tube of the appropriate specification can be selected, because the general conversion result has a decimal number, and it is not just the size of the heat-shrinkable tube diameter.For example, the result of the conversion is 19.222. At this time, if we choose a heat-shrinkable tube with a diameter of 20, it will be somewhat small. Of course, it can be used, but it is not very convenient. If the heat-shrinkable tube with a diameter of 40 is obviously too big. After shrinking, it is impossible to cover the copper row; then what is the appropriate diameter? In fact, this is related to the shrinkage ratio of the heat-shrinkable tube. Our heat-shrinkable tube of Suzhou Feibo is twice shrinking, so if we choose our heat-shrinkable tube, we can choose the diameter of 22, 25, 30 or 35. of.

Now everyone has some understanding of the copper row heat shrinkable tube, and I hope that the small editors will help you.