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Daily Heat Shrinkable Tube
- Jan 30, 2019 -

Speaking of daily heat shrinkable tube, Xiaobian first introduces you to what is the heat shrinkable tube in the end!

The heat-shrinkable tube is also a heat-shrinkable material or a polymer memory material, which is a combination of a polymer material and a radiation processing technology material, and is an intelligent material. The polymer material commonly used in life is polyethylene, which is the structure of the commonly used linear materials such as PE, polyvinyl chloride or PVC.First, through the radiation of a radio source such as an electron accelerator, it becomes a network structure. Each of these materials has a unique memory function, and after expansion and cooling, the original shape can be restored after being heated. Heat shrinkable tubes are involved in industries such as electronic equipment, household wiring harnesses, automotive wiring harnesses, wire and cable, metal pipelines, water pumps and submersible pumps.

The main feature of the daily heat shrinkable tube is that it is coated on the surface of the object after being heated and shrunk, so that it can function as insulation, moisture, seal, protection, and connection, effectively protecting the packaged product and preventing rust and moisture. So what are the daily use of heat-shrink tubing mainly in daily life?

Mainly metal pipe, rod anti-corrosion, anti-rust; wire and cable insulation protection; all kinds of racket handles, fishing gear protection and decoration; see the handle decoration; curtain rod, broom handle, tool bar, telescopic rod and other tubular items Covering; protection of copper bars; lighting, guitars, and wraps around the bottle.

The daily heat shrinkable tube is a brand new packaging material. The efficiency is extremely high, the investment equipment is still small, and the comprehensive cost is small. Whether it is for civilian use or factory use, it is selected. Having said that, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of our daily heat shrinkable tube. If you have any questions, I strongly recommend that you consult our customer service!

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