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Fabrication Of 10kv Heat Shrink Terminal
- Jan 28, 2019 -

This time, let's talk about the fabrication of 10kv heat shrink terminalis made and what materials need to be prepared.


We should check that the list of accessories is complete before the fabrication of 10kv heat shrink terminal is made. It includes a series of materials, such as three-finger insulating sleeve, stress tube, insulating tube, sealed pipe, phase ribbon, filling tape, single-hole rain skirt, three-hole plate, knitting ground wire and so on. Details can be found in the accompanying product kit. I think checking its attachment list and material list is one of the things that must be done before the fabrication of 10kv heat shrink terminal.


In addition to preparing a list of accessories and a list of materials, you also need to choose an environment with good air before the fabrication of 10kv heat shrink terminal. Because the 10kv heat shrink terminal has certain requirements for the environment, it needs to meet the requirements of no flying paper scraps and dust, good air humidity, not wet environment requirements.


So what are the steps for the fabrication of 10kv heat shrink terminal?

1.Stripping outer protective layer; 2.Stripping armor; 3.Stripping inner cushion; 4.Splitter wire; 5.Welding ground; 6.Wrapped filling adhesive; 7.Fixed finger sleeve; 8.Stripping copper shield; 9.Press terminal; 10.Fixed stress tube; 11.Fixed insulating tube; 12.Fixed sealing tube and phase coloring tube.


Here's a reminder, because the heat shrink product needs to be heated to shrink, so during the fabrication of 10kv heat shrink terminal, the terminal must not move the cable in the state of incomplete contraction. Avoid thermal shrinkage terminal breakage and damage caused by its behavior.


I also briefly described some of the key points and difficulties in the fabrication of 10kv heat shrink terminal. I hope those who are lucky enough to see this article will be able to help with this. If you want to buy our products after reading this, you can contact us at any time.

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