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Glycerin-free Expansion Machines Are Officially Online
- Jan 14, 2019 -

Before we said many times, Suzhou Feibo Heat and Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. purchased a batch of glycerin-free expansion machines. This time I want to say that the glycerin-free expansion machines are officially online.


The glycerin-free expansion machine breaks the traditional glycerin production process and uses electric heating. It has the characteristics of fast heating, energy saving and manpower saving. It makes the product surface clean and free of oil. This is one of the reasons why we purchased glycerin-free expansion machines.


We also have the following three reasons for purchasing glycerin-free expansion machines:

1. Compared to traditional glycerin dilators, glycerin-free expansion machines are relatively more environmentally friendly.

2. Using a glycerin-free expander to produce products will be faster and faster, and its output will increase significantly. This is of great help to the Suzhou Feibo's out of stock situation.

3. Our company intends to enter the market of foreign countries, such as India, Russia, Vietnam and other countries. Therefore, in terms of the quality of the products, Suzhou Feibo wants an upgrade.


There are many advantages of glycerin-free expansion machines. We hope that after the glycerin-free expansion machines are officially online, they will run smoothly. Our company will also arrange for company personnel to understand, learn and train.


Today, the contents of that the glycerin-free expansion machines are officially online have all been finished. We hope that the development of Suzhou Feibo will be better and better, and we hope that our customers can witness our growth and development together.