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Hat Is The Difference Between A Waterproof Heat Shrink Tubing And An Ordinary Heat Shrink Tubing?
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Today, let's talk to you about the waterproof heat shrink tubing. When you talk about the waterproof heat shrink tubing, you should not think about it. What is the difference between it and the ordinary heat shrink tubing? Or what do you have in common?

We first look at the shape, they are round tubes, but some of them need to be flattened when packaging, their size is divided by diameter. Only the ordinary heat shrink tubings can be divided into three types according to the voltage level: 1kv, 10kv and 35kv, and the waterproof heat shrink tubing is not distinguished by the voltage level; there is also a possibility that the color is above, and the ordinary heat shrink tubing has Red, green, yellow, blue, black, white and yellow-green colors, and the most common color of waterproof heat shrink tubings is still black. If other colors are needed, they need to be customized in advance. Of course, the price will be slightly higher than the black waterproof heat shrinkable tube.

On the packaging, in addition to some specifications need to be flattened, they have the same thing, they are all wound up, and the waterproof heat shrink tubing has some specifications of 1.22 meters, which is cut to such extent. Of course, there are also some cases of winding; ordinary heat shrink tubings are generally well-wound, if there is a need to cut the tube, you need to pay the cutting fee.

When using the waterproof heat shrink tubing, use a waterproof heat shrink tubing of the appropriate diameter and then cut the required length. After cutting it, put it on the corresponding quilt cover object, then heat-shrink it. Heating and shrinking this step, it is still necessary to say that in the process of heating and shrinking, it is OK to heat from left to right or right to left, or even from the middle to the sides, but it is not possible to heat from both sides to the middle, no matter From left to right, from right to left or from the middle, I want to heat both sides. The purpose is to evacuate the air between the waterproof heat shrink tubing and the quilt cover. If it is heated from the two sides to the middle, there is a possibility of bulging. , resulting in incomplete sealing, of course, the waterproof effect is greatly reduced.

The most important point is that the product is essentially different. The waterproof heat shrink tubing is glue-containing, and the glue is invisible. It is already inside the tube during the production process. The heat shrink tubing is actually called a double-walled tube. It has such a name, and it is called a double-walled tube because it has a layer of glue in between the two layers of the tube wall. Ordinary heat-shrink tubing has no glue, and of course the wall thickness is thinner than that of the waterproof heat-shrink tubing.

In the end, it may be that they differ in price. The price of the waterproof heat shrink tubing is higher than that of the ordinary heat shrink tubing. After all, the process and materials are different.