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Heat Shrinkable Cable Head
- Jan 23, 2019 -

Today, Xiaobian will talk to you about the heat shrinkable cable head, which is also called the heat-shrinkable cable terminal, or it can also be called the heat-shrinking terminal.

Let's talk about several specifications today. First, the specifications of the heat shrinkable cable head are divided into 1kv, 10kv and 35kv according to the voltage level. Among them, 1kv is the most commonly used, and the voltage level is not required. For construction sites that are high and not afraid of high temperatures, we generally use 1kv heat-shrinkable cable heads; 10kv is generally used in construction sites with high voltage levels and high temperature resistance; of course, 35kv heat-shrinkable cable terminations are Used in construction sites where voltage levels are higher and temperature is high.

You may also notice that these construction sites, which Xiaobian said, emphasize the construction site that is resistant to high temperatures. This is because the use of our heat shrinkable cable ends requires shrinkage by high-temperature heating, if the construction site is not resistant. If the temperature is high, it cannot be used, so as to avoid potential safety hazards. Maybe everyone will ask what is the place that is not resistant to high temperatures? This requires our cold-shrink cable head to appear.

After talking about its voltage level, in fact, its specifications should be divided according to the number of cores and the size of the square. The number of cores, I believe everyone can understand, our Suzhou Feibo heat shrinkable cable head is divided into single Core, two core, three core, four core and five core; after understanding these, it is necessary to look at the specific square of the quilt object, so that you can purchase the corresponding size of the heat shrinkable cable head for installation according to the actual situation. 

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