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Low-pressure Cold-shrinkable Cable Head
- Dec 19, 2018 -

Low-pressure cold-shrinkable cable head is a kind of cable accessory. In fact, the range of cable accessories is very wide. For example, cable intermediate joints, cable terminal joints, and copper noses are all kinds of cable accessories. The cable accessories produced by Cold and Heat Shrinking Co., Ltd. are cold shrinkable terminal joints and intermediate joints; heat shrinkable terminal joints and intermediate joints, of course, these are high and low pressure points.


The low pressure cold-shrinkable cable head can also be called a low-pressre cold-shrinkable cable terminal, or a low-pressure cold-shrinking terminal, or a low-pressre cold-shrinking terminal. Since they are distinguished by high pressure and low pressure, what is the difference between highpressure and low pressure?


The most intuitive thing is that their pressure resistance is different. Secondly, the high-pressure cold-shrink cable head is divided indoors and outdoors. The low-pressure is the same, and it does not distinguish between indoors and outdoors.


So what is the difference between a low-pressure cold-shrink cable head and a low-pressure heat-shrinkable cable head? Since they are all low-pressure, the heat shrinking is also the same as the cold-shrinking. It does not distinguish between indoors and outdoors. The difference between them is the production process, material and shrinkage.


In the production process, the low-pressure cold-shrinking cable head is made of an elastomer material and vulcanized in the factory; and the heat-shrinkable cable head is produced in a similar manner to the heat-shrinkable tube. The material of the cold shrink cable head is made of silicone rubber, and the heat shrinkable cable head is made of PE material. Two different materials determine that their price will necessarily have a corresponding difference.


In addition, their shrinkage mode, low-pressure cold-shrinkable cable headshrinkage does not require hot fire and other special tools, only need to extract the plastic support strip inside can naturally shrink, saving time and effort when construction. The heat shrinkable cable head naturally needs to be heated and shrunk by tools.


The low-pressure cold-shrinkable cable head also has the characteristics of anti-pollution and anti-aging. Even in the harsh environment of minus 40 degrees Celsius, it can work normally, so the price is higher than the low-pressure heat-shrinkable cable head.