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Magical Effect Of Busbar Heat Shrink Tubing
- Feb 01, 2019 -

Speaking of the busbar heat shrink tubing. It is the main line of the power distribution. The copper row and the aluminum row are called busbars. Generally speaking, the bare busbar is a safety hazard. This time, the busbar heat shrink tubing is needed. It is mainly used in electrical cabinets, switch cabinets and substations.

So what is the magical effect of busbar heat shrink tubing?

For a long time, in the substation, the short-circuit faults between small animals approaching or directly contacting the exposed electrified body in the cabinet often occur. At this time, after the magical effect of busbar heat shrink tubing, the conductor has good insulation performance even if small animals entering the substation will not cause tripping or burning.

Due to air pollution, more and more substation pollution levels have increased, and old substation failures have gradually increased. The magical effect of busbar heat shrink tubing can effectively protect the substation.

In the old-style substation, because the switch busbar has no insulation protection, the maintenance personnel are injured by the charged body. The magical effect of busbar heat shrink tubing can effectively reduce this situation, and the safety of the maintenance personnel is also improved.

The salt water in the coastal zone, that is, the industrial waste gas of heavy industry has corrosive effect on the bus bar, and the busbar heat shrink tubing has good corrosion and can effectively solve these problems.

Above are four great uses. Suzhou Feibo Heat & Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. specializes in producing heat shrink tubing, busbar heat shrink tubing, middle wall tubes, busbar boxes, cold and heat shrinkable cable accessories, etc. Everyone is welcomed to come and buy.

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