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Model Size And Quality Determine The Price Of Heat Shrink Tubing
- Aug 13, 2018 -

In our work, we are often questioned by customers, and the price is “why your home is hotter than others.” This series of questions. In fact, the length, size, model and material of the heat-shrinkable tube will affect the price of the heat-shrinkable tube.

So what determines the price of the heat shrink tubing? In general, the model, size, size, and quality determine the price of the heat-shrinkable tube.

Heat-shrinkable tubes can be said to be indispensable auxiliary products in different industries. In recent years, more and more businesses have begun to use heat-shrinkable tubes extensively. Then the question comes, what determines the price of heat-shrinkable tubes?

In the production process of heat-shrink tubing, different heat-shrink tubings need to be heated to a high-elastic state in accordance with the standard, so that the load is applied to help the heat-shrink tubing to expand, which is why we shrink after heating the heat-shrink tubing. the reason. In fact, in the production process, the material composition used in the heat shrink tubing largely determines the price.

The price of heat-shrinkable tubes on the market is now high and low, and the quality is very different. The realization of society is a penny of goods, the heat shrink tube in our market is determined according to the size of the model, etc., the quality of the product is also the key to affect the price of heat shrink tubing. At present, the price of one-meter heat-shrinkable tube is generally around a few corners, and the price of some large-sized, better-quality heat-shrinkable tubes is generally kept at a price of several yuan and one meter.