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Production Of 10-35kv Cold Shrink Terminal
- Jan 25, 2019 -

10-35kv cold shrink terminal is one kind of cable accessories with reliable insulation and excellent chemical properties. It only needs to pre-integrate the insulated part and the profitable part of cold shrink terminal, and pre-expand the extractable core rope. On the top, the core rope is taken during installation, and cold shrink terminal is shrunk on the surface of the insulating portion and the stress portion.

Next, pick a few important parts to talk about what need to pay attention during the production of 10-35kv cold shrink terminal.

First, Stripping the outer sheath of the cable, the pinned layer, and the inner sheath;

1. The cable should be placed in a predetermined position, and the outer sheath, armor layer and inner sheath of the cable should be stripped;

2. Then peel off the 25mm long outer sheath to expose the armor and scrub the dirt on the surface;

3. Need to use insulating sandpaper to polish the sheath down and then clean, wrap two layers of tape;

4. Tape the copper shielding tape around the top with tape;

Second, install the insulation tube

1. A certain core can be inserted into the 10-35kv cold shrink terminal, and the three-core finger is lapped, and the inner core rope is pulled counterclockwise;

2. It is necessary to check the length from the top of the cable to the end of the cold shrink straight tube. And finally wrap the tape.

3. The cleaning method of the terminal block is wipe the main insulation with a cleaning agent, and do not touch the semi-conductive tape.

10-35kv cold shrink terminal is simple and quick to make and use. For time-critical projects, it is a good choice.

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